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At present, both for personal purposes or to develop a business through the internet, we first do is to find a reliable web hosting services and reliable. Several factors should be considered in the selection of web hosting, is:

Customer Service is the sole most important factor when looking for hosting for personal sites or sites of our business. Web hosting providers who do not respond to emails within 24 hours, may have a problem in terms of customer service. This service is very important to customer satisfaction and especially for new customers, they still need guidance to make their website in accordance with the webhosting account provided. With this service so customers can easily find out where they contacted if the need help and there will be a notification if this site will be offline for maintenance.

Stability, as the second factor in choosing a hosting. Stability refers to how much uptime you can expect from the webhosting provider. An uptime of about 99.5% is considered reliable in the web hosting business because there are external factors that may be beyond the control of providers. This really depends on the server and network providers. If they do not have a reliable and stable providers, it would affect their servers and cause problems for your website.

Cost is the factor depending on the purpose of the web site owners and the available budget. Personal websites may have a smaller budget, so they choose the web hosting provider at reasonable cost, they would not consider the two factors above. Business sites may have a larger budget and had to clear a place of stability and support above all else.

Location servers are generally not an important issue, it depends on the connection to the data center where the server is located. Ping to the server can usually tell you about the network latency, because it is very powerful if the people from your area access your site. Ping lower levels mean that your site will load faster.

Finally, take time to identify and contact the host to ask about their services.

Of all these factors, one of the web hosting providers that meet these factors with a highly competitive cost is, so make sure you do not hesitate to contact them.

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    a nice posting
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